1% for Nature Makes it Easy to Support Local Natural Areas

1% for Nature is a consortium of local businesses working to support the conservation and public enjoyment of wildlife habitat, trails, streams and parks in Monroe County, Pennsylvania.

This is a new venture, proposed by local Monroe County business people looking to mimic the success of a similar business-supported non-profit venture that has raised millions of dollars since 1997 to preserve special places in Gunnison County, Colorado.

Participating businesses participate in the way that works best for them. Some store owners will request a $1 donation at checkout. Others will collect a voluntary 1% donation from their customers on gross sales before taxes of products and services. People who provide services can add the volunatary 1% contribution to their invoices, request a specific donation (e.g. fifty cents for a haircut) or put a can on the counter to collect contributions. You’ll be surprised how happy people are to help protect our local special places.

This is a Voluntary Donation! In most cases, customers will be donating $1 or, if 1% is being collected, the donation is usually pennies.
Cup of Coffee … $2 … two cents
Breakfast at the diner… $10 … ten cents
New pair of sneakers … $80 … eighty cents
Tent for family camping … $150 … $1.50
Together, the pennies add up, making it possible to do something good for the community … protect a special place, connect a hiking and biking trail, conserve wildlife habitat.

For more information go to 1% for Nature’s Website
Click Here for a List of Participating Businesses