Borough Safeguards


This pandemic presents an enormous challenge for us as a Borough. The decisions we will have to make in the event our borough is affected will be difficult ones, but we will do so with the common good in mind. We must limit the spread of this virus while at the same time working to protect our most vulnerable friends, family, and neighbors. 

School closures is now in place, and groups and restaurants have put plans in place to make sure services continue for families who rely on our schools to provide meals for their children. 

I am urging everyone in our Borough to be careful and smart in their own personal health decisions. If you are feeling sick, please do not go to work, or attend our public meetings. If you are sick enough to want to see a doctor, please call before you go, to avoid the gathering or exposure to each other. Our life is going to have to change for some period of time in order to better control this outbreak. 

The coming weeks will be challenging, and many of our lives will be disrupted. Families will experience loss of income, but I know that we are resilience, we shared sense of sacrifice, and we care about each other. We will help our borough through this crisis, and emerge stronger and better than before. So please! look out for your neighbor, and check on each other by making a phone call, or making yourself available to accept their calls if needed. I am confident that what we do now to protect each other, will save lives and prevent  our borough from future challenges. Stay safe.

Claudette Williams
President, Mount Pocono Borough

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