Election Day Press Release from Monroe County Board of Elections re: Paper Ballots

The Board is concerned that some voters believe that they have the right to request a paper ballot instead of using voting machines. The casting of paper ballots on Election Day in Monroe County is expressly prohibited by the Pennsylvania Election Code. It is not a lawful and authorized method of voting. The voting machines in use in Monroe County have been examined and certified to federal and state standards. Those standards include an audit capability. Our machines are not linked to the internet. False information may derive from misunderstanding of the Election Code provisions for “provisional” ballots. Guidance from the Pennsylvania Department of State issued this month describes this process.​ ​ Click HERE to Read Full Press Release …

Statement of Junior Councilmember Darwish on returning Respect and Dignity to Civil Discourse

As Junior Councilmember, I am addressing the people of Mount Pocono today on the behalf of the youth here in Monroe County. This decision was not made lightly, but rather with a very heavy heart. Being on the Junior Council, it was my expectation that the grime of politics that are so inherent in Washington and in Harrisburg had not yet reached this small town. That the values that have traditionally united Americans: respect and dignity, had not yet been trampled. I  was, unfortunately, misguided. Yesterday, driving home from work, I had come across a large white sign, with bold words written across, “Claudette Williams: deadbeat taxpayer, mentally deficient”. This repugnant show of divisiveness in rhetoric pointed to something much larger. In the recent weeks preceding tomorrow’s election, it has come to my . . . . [Click Headline to Read More]

ELECTION DAY IS TOMORROW! Here’s what you need to know

WHERE TO VOTE IN MOUNT POCONO In Mount Pocono everyone votes at the Pocono Mountain Volunteer Fire Company, 20 Murray Street, Mount Pocono  (click for Google map).   There are two entrances for Murray Street off of route 611.  One is across 611 from Mount Pocono Beverage and the other is across 611 from Rita’s Ice (look for the flag at the Murray Street entrance across from Rita’s).  Murray Street is on the left side of 611 if you are going north, right side if you are travelling south on 611. HOURS TO VOTE  The polling place will be open from 7:00 am to 8:00 pm.  If you are in line by 8 pm you must be permitted to vote. MOUNT POCONO VOTING DISTRICTS Mount Pocono is . . . . [Click Headline to Read More]