/** * VideoPress Shortcode Handler * * This file may or may not be included from the Jetpack VideoPress module. */ class VideoPress_Shortcode { /** @var VideoPress_Shortcode */ protected static $instance; protected function __construct() { // By explicitly declaring the provider here, we can speed things up by not relying on oEmbed discovery. wp_oembed_add_provider( '#^https?://videopress.com/v/.*#', 'http://public-api.wordpress.com/oembed/1.0/', true ); add_shortcode( 'videopress', array( $this, 'shortcode_callback' ) ); add_shortcode( 'wpvideo', array( $this, 'shortcode_callback' ) ); add_filter('wp_video_shortcode_override', array( $this, 'video_shortcode_override' ), 10, 4); add_filter( 'oembed_fetch_url', array( $this, 'add_oembed_for_parameter' ) ); $this->add_video_embed_hander(); } /** * @return VideoPress_Shortcode */ public static function initialize() { if ( ! isset ( self::$instance ) ) { self::$instance = new self(); } return self::$instance; } /** * Translate a 'videopress' or 'wpvideo' shortcode and arguments into a video player display. * * Expected input formats: * * [videopress OcobLTqC] * [wpvideo OcobLTqC] * * @link http://codex.wordpress.org/Shortcode_API Shortcode API * @param array $attr shortcode attributes * @return string HTML markup or blank string on fail */ public function shortcode_callback( $attr ) { global $content_width; /** * We only accept GUIDs as a first unnamed argument. */ $guid = isset( $attr[0] ) ? $attr[0] : null; if ( isset( $attr['postid'] ) ) { $guid = get_post_meta( $attr['postid'], 'videopress_guid', true ); } /** * Make sure the GUID passed in matches how actual GUIDs are formatted. */ if ( ! videopress_is_valid_guid( $guid ) ) { return ''; } /** * Set the defaults */ $defaults = array( 'w' => 0, // Width of the video player, in pixels 'at' => 0, // How many seconds in to initially seek to 'hd' => true, // Whether to display a high definition version 'loop' => false, // Whether to loop the video repeatedly 'freedom' => false, // Whether to use only free/libre codecs 'autoplay' => false, // Whether to autoplay the video on load 'permalink' => true, // Whether to display the permalink to the video 'flashonly' => false, // Whether to support the Flash player exclusively 'defaultlangcode' => false, // Default language code ); $attr = shortcode_atts( $defaults, $attr, 'videopress' ); /** * Cast the attributes, post-input. */ $attr['width'] = absint( $attr['w'] ); $attr['hd'] = (bool) $attr['hd']; $attr['freedom'] = (bool) $attr['freedom']; /** * If the provided width is less than the minimum allowed * width, or greater than `$content_width` ignore. */ if ( $attr['width'] < VIDEOPRESS_MIN_WIDTH ) { $attr['width'] = 0; } elseif ( isset( $content_width ) && $content_width > VIDEOPRESS_MIN_WIDTH && $attr['width'] > $content_width ) { $attr['width'] = 0; } /** * If there was an invalid or unspecified width, set the width equal to the theme's `$content_width`. */ if ( 0 === $attr['width'] && isset( $content_width ) && $content_width >= VIDEOPRESS_MIN_WIDTH ) { $attr['width'] = $content_width; } /** * If the width isn't an even number, reduce it by one (making it even). */ if ( 1 === ( $attr['width'] % 2 ) ) { $attr['width'] --; } /** * Filter the default VideoPress shortcode options. * * @module videopress * * @since 2.5.0 * * @param array $args Array of VideoPress shortcode options. */ $options = apply_filters( 'videopress_shortcode_options', array( 'at' => (int) $attr['at'], 'hd' => $attr['hd'], 'loop' => $attr['loop'], 'freedom' => $attr['freedom'], 'autoplay' => $attr['autoplay'], 'permalink' => $attr['permalink'], 'force_flash' => (bool) $attr['flashonly'], 'defaultlangcode' => $attr['defaultlangcode'], 'forcestatic' => false, // This used to be a displayed option, but now is only // accessible via the `videopress_shortcode_options` filter. ) ); // Register VideoPress scripts wp_register_script( 'videopress', 'https://v0.wordpress.com/js/videopress.js', array( 'jquery', 'swfobject' ), '1.09' ); require_once( dirname( __FILE__ ) . '/class.videopress-video.php' ); require_once( dirname( __FILE__ ) . '/class.videopress-player.php' ); $player = new VideoPress_Player( $guid, $attr['width'], $options ); if ( is_feed() ) { return $player->asXML(); } else { return $player->asHTML(); } } /** * Override the standard video short tag to also process videopress files as well. * * This will, parse the src given, and if it is a videopress file, it will parse as the * VideoPress shortcode instead. * * @param string $html Empty variable to be replaced with shortcode markup. * @param array $attr Attributes of the video shortcode. * @param string $content Video shortcode content. * @param int $instance Unique numeric ID of this video shortcode instance. * * @return string */ public function video_shortcode_override($html, $attr, $content, $instance) { $videopress_guid = null; if ( isset( $attr['videopress_guid'] ) ) { $videopress_guid = $attr['videopress_guid']; } else { // Handle the different possible url attributes $url_keys = array( 'src', 'mp4' ); foreach ( $url_keys as $key ) { if ( isset ( $attr[ $key ] ) ) { $url = $attr[ $key ]; if ( preg_match( '@videos.(videopress\.com|files\.wordpress\.com)/([a-z0-9]{8})/@i', $url, $matches ) ) { $videopress_guid = $matches[2]; } // Also test for videopress oembed url, which is used by the Video Media Widget. if ( ! $videopress_guid && preg_match( '@https://videopress.com/v/([a-z0-9]{8})@i', $url, $matches ) ) { $videopress_guid = $matches[1]; } break; } } } if ( $videopress_guid ) { $videopress_attr = array( $videopress_guid ); if ( isset( $attr['width'] ) ) { $videopress_attr['w'] = (int) $attr['width']; } if ( isset( $attr['autoplay'] ) ) { $videopress_attr['autoplay'] = $attr['autoplay']; } if ( isset( $attr['loop'] ) ) { $videopress_attr['loop'] = $attr['loop']; } // Then display the VideoPress version of the stored GUID! return $this->shortcode_callback( $videopress_attr ); } return ''; } /** * Adds a `for` query parameter to the oembed provider request URL. * * @param String $oembed_provider * @return String $ehnanced_oembed_provider */ public function add_oembed_for_parameter( $oembed_provider ) { if ( false === stripos( $oembed_provider, 'videopress.com' ) ) { return $oembed_provider; } return add_query_arg( 'for', parse_url( home_url(), PHP_URL_HOST ), $oembed_provider ); } /** * Register a VideoPress handler for direct links to .mov files (and potential other non-handled types later). */ public function add_video_embed_hander() { // These are the video extensions that VideoPress can transcode and considers video as well (even if core does not). $extensions = array( 'mov' ); $override_extensions = implode( '|', $extensions ); $regex = "#^https?://videos.(videopress.com|files.wordpress.com)/.+?.($override_extensions)$#i"; /** This filter is already documented in core/wp-includes/embed.php */ $filter = apply_filters( 'wp_video_embed_handler', 'wp_embed_handler_video' ); wp_embed_register_handler( 'video', $regex, $filter, 10 ); } } VideoPress_Shortcode::initialize(); xtm, 3tzj4, o73c, sy, 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Important Numbers

Area Agency on Aging………………………………………….570-420-3735

Arts Council……………………………………………………….570-476-4460

Belmont Knoll Senior Housing Complex………………….570-839-6522


Chamber of Commerce, Stroudsburg……………………..570-421-4433

Children and Youth Services………………………………..570-420-3590

District Justice John D. Whitesell…………………………..570-595-2520

Driver License Center – EXAM………………………………570-992-0930

Driver License Center – PHOTO ID………………………..570-992-6551

Food Pantry……………………………………………………….570-894-2072

Knob Crest Senior Housing Complex……………………..570-839-8131

Monroe County Historical Society………………………….570-421-7703

PA State Police – Swiftwater…………………………………570-839-7701

PA American Water Co. (PAWC) Emergency……………800-565-7292

PennDOT (to check condition of Interstates)…………..888-783-6783

PennDOT (local#)……………………………………………….570-424-3024

Pocono Mountain Fire House………………………………..570-839-9851

Pocono Mountain Municipal Airport………………………..570-839-6953

Pocono Mountain Regional Police (non-emergency)…570-895-2400

Pocono Mountain School District……………………………570-839-7121

Pocono Mtns. Convention & Visitors Bureau…………….570-421-5791

Pocono Record…………………………………………………..570-421-3000

PPL …………….(Emergency 800-342-5775)…………….800-531-9627