Application for Appointment

Mount Pocono Borough 
Citizen Application for Appointment

All residents of the Borough of Mount Pocono, age 18 or older, are eligble and encouraged to apply to be appointed to the Borough’s Authorities, Boards, Commissions, & Committees [the “Borough ABCs”].  Appointment is made by the Borough Council.  

Eligible citizens wishing to be considered may fill out and submit this form.  Your Application for Appointment will be held on file for one-year pending any openings.  If an opening develops, our Borough Secretary will contact you by email to let you know if Council desires further information or to meet you.

Many, many thanks for your interest!

Citizen Application for Appointment
Only Borough Residents, 18 or older, may be appointed to a position on most ABCs. In addition, a taxpayer or owner of a business located in the Borough may serve on the Municipal Authority.
Please list all Borough meetings which you have attended in the last six months and state the reason for attendance (eg, was a party in interest, general interest, etc.)
Please indicate degrees awarded from High School to present. Attendance and Graduation Dates are not necessary
Please list your current employment (or last employment if retired or not employed), as well as any relevant employment experience. Please identify employers, position(s) held, and dates of employment.
Please list all prior and current community or civic service, including appointed or elected government positions, service on the boards of tax exempt organizations, and any other relevant community or civic service experience.
Please use this section to tell us why you are interested in the position(s) sought, your order of preference if you have sought multiple positions, and any other information you would like the Borough Council to consider.