Zoning Officer

 Jean E. Simchak, Consultant/Trainer for  Zoning Officer and Code Enforcement

Hours of work:  Monday through Friday – 8:30 am to 4:00 pm

If you have any Zoning questions he can be reached either by:

Phone at 570-839-8436 ext. 4
FAX: 570-839-0981
Email: zo@mountpocono-pa.gov

Duties and powers: The Zoning Officer shall:

  1. Administer the Zoning Ordinances.
  2. Provide information to applicants regarding required procedures.
  3. Recieve and examine all applications required under the terms of this chapter, and issue or refuse permits in accord with this chapter.
  4. Recieve written complaints of violations of this chapter, and issue a written notice of violation to any person violating any provision of this chapter.
  5. Keep records of applications, permits, certificates, written decisions and interpretations issued of variances and special exceptions granted by the Zoning Hearing Board, of conditional uses approved by the Council, of complaints recieved, of inspections made, of reports rendered and of notices of orders issued.
  6. Make all required inspections and perform all other duties in accord with this chapter.
  7. Not have the power to permit any activity which does not conform to this chapter or all other ordinances of the Borough known to the Zoning Officer.