Road Crew

MTPRoadCrew1The Borough’s Maintanance Crew’s primary responsibility is for the maintenance and upkeep of the Borough roads.  This includes: snow and ice removal in the winter; pothole repairs; as well as stormwater/ drainage maintenance such as repairing drain boxes and keeping them clear and free of debris.  They also install and maintain street signs, the painting of the crosswalks, stop bars and parking spaces and deploy and gather back up the portable pedestrian road signs on a daily basis.  Jim and his crew do all the decorations inside the Borough including the street banners, holiday decorations and installing the pavers at the downtown clock.  Added to their duties are general repairs to the Borough building, breakdowns such as:  indoor/ outdoor lighting; playground equipment, landscaping of the Borough Building and parks and are always just a phone call away for any other minor issue we may have. It is through their hard work and dedication that the Borough of Mount Pocono is a beautiful and well maintained place to live or visit.



Pipe-box-Summit.4-2016 Pipe-Summit.4-2016 Pipe-Summit.4-2016-1024x768 Pipe-box2-Summit.4-2016



Road Crew busy installing new pipe and stormwater box.