Sewer Authority Traces Contamination

Earlier this week, a worker at the Mount Pocono Municipal Authority noticed an unusual rainbow sheen on the influent at the plant. Closer investigation revealed that some sort of petroleum product had spilled into our sewers. The MPMA notified the appropriate authorities and began an investigation into the source. In a matter of hours they were able to trace the source to a narrow area.

The Clean Waters Act prohibits the discharge of oil or hazardous substances to waters of the U.S. or their adjoining shorelines in quantities that may be harmful to the public health or welfare or the environment. The only items that you should put in your drains or down your toilet are human waste and toilet paper — “flushable” wipes are not flushable and harm the system, oils, petroleum products, old medications, paints, etc., are not only harmful to the system and our water, but illegal.

The MPMA sent this letter to the homeowners in the vicinity of the spill.

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