TODAY is ELECTION DAY. Here’s What You Need to Know

In Mount Pocono everyone votes at the Pocono Mountain Volunteer Fire Company, 20 Murray Street, Mount Pocono  (click for Google map).   There are two entrances for Murray Street off of route 611.  One is across 611 from Mount Pocono Beverage and the other is across 611 from Rita’s Ice (look for the flag at the Murray Street entrance across from Rita’s).  Murray Street is on the left side of 611 if you are going north, right side if you are travelling south on 611.

HOURS TO VOTE  The polling place will be open from 7:00 am to 8:00 pm.  If you are in line by 8 pm you must be permitted to vote.

Mount Pocono is in the 8th US Congressional District,  We are District 40 in the Pennsylvania Senate District, and District 176 in the PA House District.

Only first time voters in precincts must show identification (ID).  Voters voting for the first time in their precinct must show ID. The ID can be photo or non-photo ID. This is the only time ID is required.  Acceptable forms of ID are:

Pennsylvania driver’s license or PENNDOT ID card
ID issued by any Commonwealth agency
ID issued by the US Government
US Passport
US armed Forces ID
Student ID
Employee ID
Confirmation issued by the County Voter Registration Office
Non-photo ID issued by the Commonwealth that shows name and address
Non-photo ID issued by the US Government that shows name and address
Firearm permit
Current utility bill that shows name and address
Current bank statement that shows name and address
Current paycheck that shows name and address
Government check that shows name and address

Pennsylvania’s strict photo ID law for all voters is no longer in effect for voting at the polls. Unless you are voting for the first time in your precinct, poll workers should not ask you for photo ID, and you will NOT need to present ID to vote if you have previously voted in Mount Pocono.
If you are voting for the first time in your precinct, and you show a non-photo ID, it must contain your name and address. The only other voters who need to show ID are those who may need to verify that their address is correct.

Voters have a right to assistance when voting.  You have the right to assistance at the polling place, including foreign language or literacy assistance.   You may select any person to assist you as long as the person is not your employer or union representative or the Judge of Elections.   Voters do not need to be designated in the poll book as “assistance permitted” to receive help.   A person who wants assistance will be asked to sign an Assistance Declaration at the precinct, unless the poll book already indicates “assistance permitted.”

A voter whose name is not in the poll book can still vote.  When you go to your polling place to vote but your name does not appear in the poll book or supplemental poll book, you can still vote.   The local officials should place a call to the county board of elections to confirm your registration.   (If they refuse to call, do not leave the polling place.  Call the Board of Elections at (570) 517-3165.)  The board of elections can determine whether you are registered and in the correct precinct.

If you are registered but you are in the wrong precinct, you will be directed to the correct precinct. If the board of elections cannot find your name in its voter registration database, or if you are unable to go to another precinct, you are entitled to use a provisional ballot. If you vote by provisional ballot, the Judge of Elections will give you a receipt with your provisional ballot number.  You can find out if your provisional ballot was counted by visiting or by calling 1-877-868-3772.


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