Borough Awards Sanitation Contract to GFL

Posted on February 28, 2023

As of March 1, 2023 GFL is entering a new three-year residential trash collection service contract with the Borough. The new rate is $32.93 per dwelling unit for trash and recycling services. Please note that the old rate was a rate that was secured over five years ago. With inflation and rising labor costs this rate was due to increase during the next contract which is this year. Out of only a few bids received by the Borough, GFL was still the cheapest rate. As per the new contract, residents are entitled to one 96 gallon trash container and one 64 gallon recycling container, though smaller sized containers can be issued upon request. If you have accumulated extra GFL/County Waste trash containers that are no longer in use you can contact GFL and request the cans be collected. Collection days will remain the same. Please make sure all trash is secured in bags and that all bags are placed in the container with the container lids closed. GFL is not obligated to collect any trash bags that were not placed inside a container. Bulk items may be placed on the ground next to the containers. Residents are allowed to place two bulk items per week next to the containers. No trash container or bulk item can be placed for collection prior to 24 hours before the scheduled pickup day. All empty trash containers must be removed from the roadside within 24 hours after the trash has been collected. Residents who leave their cans out throughout the week are in violation of the Borough ordinances and will be subject to fines and penalties. Contact GFL directly with billing questions and collection requests. If GFL fails to resolve your issue please contact the Borough office.

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