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Frequently asked questions

Visit the PA Department of Environmental Protection for more information on testing your water. There are a few laboratories in the area that you can access from a quick Google search.

There are two main hospitals in Monroe County: St. Luke’s  and Lehigh Valley Hospital.

The streets are swept once a year in April. An announcement of the date is posted online and on Savvy citizen a few weeks in advance.

There are no parking meters on SR 611 or anywhere in the Borough. There is a two hour parking limit on all streets except a few where parking is prohibited. Refer to the parking ordinance for more information.

You can pay your sewer bill online by using the following links:

If you have further questions please contact the Mount Pocono Municipal Authority at 570.839.8963.

Learn more about the liquor license process online at the Liquor Control Board website.

The Borough enters into contracts with service providers for HVAC maintenance, pest control, major street improvements and more. Check our notices page periodically for the latest information.

Bid information will be posted on our notices page.

Chief Chris Wagner

All non emergency calls can be directed to (570) 895-2400.

In an emergency please dial 9-1-1.

The Pocono Mountain Volunteer Fire Company’s Annual Carnival is the oldest and largest carnival in the Poconos. It typically takes place for a week in the months of June or July.

The Fire Company receives tax revenue from the municipalities it serves. This year Mount Pocono Borough is providing about $45,000 in tax revenue to the Fire Company. They also do fundraising events such as the annual Pocono Mountain Carnival.

The Fire Chief is Logan Evans.

EIT stands for Earned Income Tax. EIT is a tax on individuals who earn income as an employee, such as wages, salaries, commissions and tips. State law gives municipalities and school districts the legal authority to levy a tax on individual Gross earned income. EIT is usually collected through payroll deductions. Self-employed individuals pay their own EIT. The amount of tax is based on where the individual lives. Usually, it is 1% of the gross wage.

Originally, called the Occupational Privilege Tax, and now called the Local Service Tax. LST is a tax levied on individuals who are employed in municipalities or in school districts that have enacted the tax. The tax is collected through payroll deductions from all employees. Self-employed individuals pay their own LST. The LST is a flat rate of $1.00 per week or $52.00 per year.

Berkheimer is a company that collects and administers local PA Taxes for many municipalities and school district though-out the state. They help individuals, employers, payroll companies and tax preparers and governments with processing taxes.

If you have a mortgage payment, the mortgage company usually includes the tax payment in your monthly payments. This tax money is placed in an escrow account to pay the taxes. When you receive your tax bill contact your mortgage company. If no mortgage, the homeowner can make payments directly to their taxing authority when they are due.

If you disagree with your property tax assessment there is a process to appeal. Contact Monroe County Assessment Office to begin an appeal. Phone 570-517-3133 & Fax 570-517-3854.

The property tax millage rate was increased this year by a half a mil from 5.503 in 2022 to 6.503 in 2023. The Real Estate tax is 5.15 and the Street Improvement Tax .965 which is used for Borough road maintenance.  Also .155 is allocated for the Pocono Mountain Public Library and .155 for the Pocono Mountain Fire Company.  Another .078 is allocated for Emergency Management Services. The total municipal taxes for 2023 is 6.503.

Property Taxes and Real Estate Taxes are essentially the same and are paid by an individual who owns property. Property tax is based on the assessed value of real property. Property taxes  are levied by the state and local municipalities and are used to fund school districts, community amenities, local expenses and projects, law enforcement, fire protection, emergency services, libraries, and maintenance of roads.

Call the Borough office to report issues with trash collection.

Trash and recycling is collected every Wednesday morning.

The Monroe County Waste Authority has information online on how to dispose of certain types of products.

You can find information about elections on the County Elections office website.

If you live in the Borough you will vote at the Pocono Mountain Volunteer Fire Company located at 20 Murray Street. You can also visit Monroe County’s Elections website to search for your polling place.

You can register to vote online at the PA Voter Services website.

Obtain a building permit through Building Code Official Shawn McGlynn at SFM Consulting.

Visit the Monroe County website to obtain your dog license.

There are community pools in Stroudsburg and East Stroudsburg. Visit SROSRC for more information.

Contact your local school district to enroll your child in school. Pocono Mountain is the school district that covers the Borough.

Visit the Monroe County website to begin the marriage license process.

Please consult an attorney if you have a landlord-tenant dispute. You can read the full landlord tenant state law online.

First you will need to identify the zoning district your potential business will be located in. Then refer to the schedule of uses to confirm your business is permitted in that zone. Depending on the scope of your business you may need to go through the land development process which begins with the Planning Commission. Please reach out to the Borough Manager or Zoning Officer to get clarification on your next steps.

A local business license is not required in Mount Pocono. Businesses will need an occupancy permit to operate in the Borough. Contact the zoning office for more information.

The nearest DMV office is located in Snydersville at 4218 Manor Dr, Stroudsburg, PA 18360.

If you live in the Borough you can pay your property taxes by contacting tax collector Karen Struckle.

Please visit the IRS website to pay your income taxes. The Borough cannot levy a personal or corporate income tax.

The schedule of uses outlines what is permitted in each zoning district.

Dogs must be kept on leashes at all times in the public arena. They are not allowed to run at large in the Borough. Refer to the Borough’s dog ordinance for more information.

Click here to report a housing code violation in Mount Pocono Borough to Building Code Official Shawn McGlynn.

Visit the notices page for current opportunities in the Borough.

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