Right to Know Request


Step 1: Submit request

Fill out the webform or fill out the pdf with as much detail as possible. Requests that do not include desired subject and time frame may be denied.

Step 2: Await a response

We will respond to your request within five (5) business days with either an approval, denial, or 30-day extension.

Step 3: What to expect

  • If you received an approval the information will be provided to you in the requested format.
  • If you received a denial you have the right to file an appeal. Click here to read more about how to file an appeal.
  • If you received a 30-day extension you will receive either an approval, partial approval or denial at the end of the 30-days. Feel free to follow up via phone or email to check the status of the request.


Approvals may require the requestor to pay a fee. View full fee schedule here.

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