Trash certification

Trash certificate process

Definition:  Trash Certificate – confirming what is owed for trash for particular property.

Note:  Trash Liens are from 2009 – 2014.

A trash certificate request must be accompanied with the administration fee of $10.00, payable to Mount Pocono Borough.  The requests may come to the Borough via fax, email or regular mail.  Once received the Administrative Assistant will research the permit manager, worksheets and files to see if there is trash lien against the property.

If there is nothing owed the trash certificate will indicate this and sent via email or by regular mail in Memo form.  It will also include to contact the current trash hauler if anything is owed.

If there is money owed the trash certificate will include the following:

  • Recorded lien Information
  • The Lien Amount
  • Deed Search Fee
  • Filing Fee
  • Administrative Fee
  • Penalty Fee of 10%
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