Zoning Hearing Board


The Zoning Hearing Board is governed by the Municipalities Planning code. The Borough Council has created a Zoning hearing board to hear and render final adjudications pertaining to land use ordinance and other zoning matters. The zoning hearing board consists of five (5) members of the public who must be residents of the Borough for at least one (1) year. The members are appointed to staggering terms as listed below. Meetings are held on the 2nd Tuesday of the Month at 7pm, as needed, at the Borough building.


Chair: Raissa Simchak; Term expires December 31, 2025
Vice Chair: Shirley Lansdowne; Term expires December 31, 2026
Board Member: Robert McMahon; Term expires December 31, 2024
Board Member: Leanon Trawick; Term expires December 31, 2024
Board Member: Vacant; Term expires December 31, 2023
Alternate: Vacant
Alternate: Vacant


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